Firebrand is a content marketing company and publisher that helps organizations open up personal dialogues with their customers and build lasting, more profitable consumer relationships through customized content.


For more than a decade, Firebrand Media has used engaged storytelling to create custom and niche publications that inspire impactful media experiences, bringing brands and content to life in unique and meaningful ways.


We were content marketing leaders back when it was called “custom publishing”.


How we make your message unique

Creating content is cool, but our passion for doing it is even cooler. We’re driven by our desire to publish exciting and engaging content solutions for our clients. Our creative vision and uncompromising drive in our pursuit to always look at things differently gives us the best opportunity to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and express the subtlety of their unique message.


Ultimately, we want to help differentiate your brand from the competition and deliver content solutions that move your audience to interact and respond.


As a full-service media company we help our clients across a wide spectrum of services. But throughout it all, at the very heart of everything we do, the driving force is CONTENT.


We are a content factory. Delivering relevant information to very specific targeted audiences is the most effective way to engage consumers and drive them toward profitable consumer actions. We understand this. But, we also know that your audience is smart and savvy. They want content that is engrossing, informative and entertaining. They don’t want to be spoon-fed marketing information. And they need it delivered in a context they can relate to the most.


Our core strength lies in our ability to imagine and create valuable, immersive content that is a true expression of your brand.


Our services range from content creation, print and digital publishing, custom publishing, web design and development, social media to creative services, video production and more.


We believe in content first. We deliver compelling, engaging, relevant content for your targeted audience and we use that content to drive engagement with your brand in ways that matter to your business.


We won’t start any type of project until we understand who you are, what your goals are, and what the challenges look like. We don’t pretend to know your business. When we engage a new client, we listen a lot, try to forget everything we’ve done in the past, and then start fresh. The best ideas flow forth naturally—they can’t be faked or manipulated.


We bring a force of creativity and knowledge to every project and we believe excellence is expected.


We are driven by our passion for good journalism; for things we can touch and experience; and for words, pictures and video that make you think and feel.

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Sea Island Life Magazine – Sea Island Resort

Sea Island Life Magazine – Sea Island Resort

Sea Island Life magazine celebrates the people, places and activities that make Sea Island one of the exclusive and acclaimed resort destinations in the U.S. This oversized luxury magazine reflects the passions and activities of the Sea Island member and guest: travel, cuisine, design, fashion, the sporting life and more. Supported by stunning photography, Sea Island Life engages and delights the reader while celebrating this very special destination.

Loews Magazine – Loews Hotels & Resorts

Loews Magazine – Loews Hotels & Resorts

For more than half a century, Loews hotels have welcomed the business and leisure traveler to their luxury properties. In 2013, Loews began a rebranding process and decided to use Firebrand to help elevate its existing custom publication and help communicate to their guests that they are raising the bar in every aspect.



Sea Island Resorts

Sea Island Resorts

“Sea Island is a Forbes Five-Star resort and therefore needed a publishing partner who would produce a publication of the same high standards our guests’ and members’ expect from Sea Island…”
Montage Hotels & Resorts

Montage Hotels & Resorts

“Firebrand Media brings a high level of professionalism coupled with extreme diligence, focus and follow through…”
Loews Hotels

Loews Hotels

“Steve and the Firebrand team are true publishing professionals from start to finish. Working with them on Loews Magazine has been not only a pleasure but a seamless experience…”


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