Sea Island Life Magazine – Sea Island Resort

“Three years ago, we were in search of a publisher to produce a Sea Island lifestyle magazine. Sea Island is a Forbes Five-Star resort and therefore needed a publishing partner who would produce a publication of the same high standards our guests’ and members’ expect from Sea Island.


The search ended when we found Firebrand Media. Their publications offered interesting and well-written content, clean layout, and high quality paper and photography. Firebrand’s knowledge of producing custom magazines was exactly what we needed to create Sea Island Life magazine. 


In addition to content and layout, we needed a partner who had the capabilities and relationships to manage advertising. Firebrand successfully finds brand-appropriate advertisers and has increased each issue’s ad revenue.


Firebrand works with us to create a magazine that encompasses the spirit of Sea Island. They understand our brand, provide branded content to reflect what our readership wants to read, and produces each issue on deadline.”


Jessica DiVincent, Manager, Marketing & CRM for Sea Island



Sea Island Life Magazine – Sea Island Resort

Frequency: Twice per year


Client Objectives

  • To create brand loyalty and long-lasting relationships
  • Communicate brand values and positioning
  • Keep customers informed about Sea Island happenings
  • To add prestige


Target Audience

Every guest, member and resident of Sea Island. (Plus Delta Sky Clubs throughout the Southeast)



Sea Island is one of the most exclusive and acclaimed resort destinations in the U.S. with a long and storied history. To increase loyalty and prestige to its exclusive audience, Sea Island has utilized its bi-annual magazine as a showcase and informational piece.


Firebrand created Sea Island Life to act as a living, evolving link between the customer and the place, maintaining dialogue on new offerings, services and happenings. The magazine celebrates the Sea Island experience with stunning photography, bold design and innovative writers.


How is the success of the magazine measured?

As a marketing tool, Sea Island has been able to reduce its resources on numerous collateral pieces and communications to its members through successful utilization of content through the publication.


Content is also successfully repurposed on other platforms (websites, e-newletters).

The magazine is dedicated to authenticity and has been praised as being on-brand. Features are relevant to the readers’ lives, their dreams and their aspirations. Premium writers and photographers are commissioned to deliver a top-notch title that has high production values to match.


Firebrand has also been successful is selling local and national advertising, bringing in revenue and making the publication more relevant.


Feedback from Sea Island executives, members and guests has been overwhelmingly positive.

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